As Early as Now.. We would like to say THANK YOU!!!

Thank you dear families and friends! When we were first discussing about the Bayanihan project, we only identified the very basic things that we can give to the students of Silid Aralan. Why? Because we know that it will be difficult to ask for financial and in-kind support especially during this time especially for those who need to pay tuition fees, buy school supplies and uniform for their own kids, and save some money for their children’s daily baon or allowance.

As early as March, we already started coordinating with friends, colleagues, and family members asking for some pledges. And we did not expect that we received more than what we asked for! Thank you very much!!!


Colored Papers and other visual aid materials for SAI teachers


Our temporary depository nook for those who want to donate


100 Notebooks!!


Our pencils, pens, and scissors now have pencil cases… the papers and other things are now out of the big boxes!!


Sweets from a sweet boy


SAI kids will also receive toothpastes, toothbrushes, and towels!!

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