Volunteering at Camp 7 Dream Hub

He gets sick during long drives. And although he commutes to Cubao from San Mateo during his college days, he has not yet been to Ortigas or Makati on his own. But  he was brave enough to take the midnight bus going to Baguio to volunteer at Camp 7 Dream Hub. Mr. Reginald Cataluna, or Regie to his family and friends, is a regular volunteer for KIDS Club. On 7-11 October 2016, he went to Baguio City to do some volunteering for KIDS Club and Silid Aralan (SAI).


Regie’s Volunteering Story

Regie always help KIDS Club as a volunteer especially for Rizal projects. But this is his first time to do volunteering for more than a day.  It is also his first time to travel to the north alone. His stayed at Camp 7 for 5 days to help with the various activities of the Dream Hub.  During his stay, he was able to spend time with the Camp 7 learners and volunteers.

Regie (Cream Jacket) Together with Camp 7 Dream Hub Learners and Student Volunteers

Regie (Cream Jacket) Together with Camp 7 Dream Hub Learners and Student Volunteers


On his first day, Mr. Aries Burgonio or Kuya Aries (SAI Project Leader for Baguio) oriented him about the different activities at the hub.  Kuya Aries also explained his role as a volunteer before, during, and after each learning session. After that, he asked Regie to go with him for house visitations. As they moved from one learner’s house to the other, talking to parents and knowing their living conditions, Regie gains more understanding about the learners and their reasons for their actions and behavior. It helped him communicate better with each learner.


After their house visitations on weekdays, Regie helped Kuya Aries prepare for the afternoon sessions. First, they prepared the materials needed for that particular day. During the session, he also helped Kuya Aries as he facilitate the various activities. He said that he enjoyed talking and  helping the learners do their activity sheets. The children were very active and fond of drawing and coloring.


Preparing the Visual Aids Before the Learning Session



Kuya Aries Facilitating One of the Weekday Afternoon Session



Camp 7 Learners during their Coloring and Drawing Activity


Second day was a lot busier as this is the Saturday session. Unlike the weekday sessions wherein only 20-25 learners attend per day, all 100 SAI learners come to the Dream Hub on Saturdays for their learning sessions (4 sessions in total). Despite the jam-packed schedule, Regie enjoyed his time playing and studying with the learners. He also met and befriended the student volunteers from the University of Cordilleras.


Saturday Fun Day with 100 Camp 7 Learners



Learning Session with Student Volunteers from the University of the Cordilleras



Dinner with UC Student Volunteers after the Saturday Session


Fun Time with Kuya Aries


During their rest time, Regie helped Kuya Aries prepare the visual and learning materials for the future lessons. After that, he and Kuya Aries toured around Baguio City for some fun and relaxation. It was a great opportunity for him to see different places of the city which he has not seen during his first trip together with his college friends. He also enjoyed and learned a lot of things from Kuya Aries as they talked about different topics while cutting a paper flower or sharing a meal together.


Regie Checking the Name Tags the Night before the Saturday Session



Cutting Some Paper Flowers for the Learners’ Sampaguita Garlands


When asked how he would describe his trip, he said that it was very memorable and inspiring. And if given the chances to do it again, he would love to stay longer.


Regie: See You Again Camp 7!


Share a Day or Two with the Dream Hub Learners


KIDS Club welcomes family and friends who wish to spend a day or more with the Dream Hub learners. Should you be interested to volunteer to help at the Dream Hubs (Rodriguez, Rizal or Baguio City) or participate to any of our projects, please email us at info@kidsclubphilippines.org or leave us a message below.

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