Toys and Books for Camp 7 Learners

Pre-loved toys and books for the learners of Camp 7 Elementary School.  A few weeks from now, the pre-loved toys and books received by KIDS Club will soon have their new home. Camp 7 Elementary School will be the first to host Silid Aralan KIDS DREAM Hub starting this August!

We thank all our families and friends who selflessly donated their pre-loved toys and books. Our special thanks to Emilija and Izabele for donating their dolls, cars, books, etc. They are friends of KIDS Club who used to live in Tokyo and are now back in Vilnius, Lithuania. We also thank our members who shared their time sorting out the things for Baguio despite their busy schedule at work!

Toys for KIDS DREAM Hub Baguio

A Box Full of Goodies from Tokyo!


Sorting Day_4

Thank you Emilija and Izabele for the Cars and Books

Sorting Out Toys and Books

Members of KIDS Club have allotted some nights after work to prepare the things needed for the DREAM Hub in Baguio. Donations received were carefully listed and grouped before putting them in boxes fro transport. This is to make sure that the DREAM Hub will have sufficient number of things needed for learning and playing.   Each toy or book are also checked to see if there are repairs or cleaning needed.

Toys for DREAM Hub Baguio

Classifying and grouping the donations


Sorting Day_5

Preparing the Inventory List for Turnover


Sorting Day_15

Grouping and Boxing for Easier Transport


Sorting Day_10

Pens and Other Things for the Creativity Corner


Sorting Day_11

Boxes Ready for Transport

Help us help the Camp 7 learners DREAM! To know more about Silid Aralan KIDS DREAM Hub, please click here. For progress and updates on Camp 7 Silid Aralan KIDS DREAM Hub, please click here. And should you be interested to be involved in the project through donation or volunteering, please click here.  For queries and other information, please feel free to contact us.

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