Sweet Treats for Special Children in Tarlac City

Simple sweet treats may not be much but the happiness they give to the children will always be priceless.  On 16 and 17 December 2017, KIDS Club Philippines visited Tarlac City for our annual Early KIDS Christmas Outreach Project in collaboration with Tarlac City Councilor Christopher “Topey” Delos Reyes.  For this year, the project focused on special children, orphans, and children suffering from hydrocephalus.  For two days, the team went around Tarlac City visiting centres and houses to give some sweet treats.

Early Christmas Parties and Sweet Treats with the Angels


Wacky photo with the children from Home for the Girls and Boys Town at Lingap Center


Even if we do it every year, we will never get tired of partying with the children for an early Christmas celebration. And for this year, we did not only have one but four! Four parties with about 500 children from Home for the Girls; Boys Town; Samahan ng mga May Kapansanan (Association of People with Disability); students from Special Education (SPED) class; St. Joseph Home for Special Children. For each party, KIDS Club prepared some games and gifts for the children. Councilor Topey Delos Reyes and his friends, on the other hand, prepared some snacks.


Preparing the snacks courtesy of Councilor Topey Delos Reyes and friends


Pres. Bang sharing handing out chocolates on stick at the Christmas Party


Humbling and Inspiring Home Visits


The team doing house visits


To share some Christmas cheer to those who were not able to join the parties, the team visited the houses on the second day.  Aside from the goodie bags, they also gave some Noche Buena package for their families to enjoy.

Sharing some Christmas cheer to the children and their families


It was a humbling and inspiring experience for all the KIDS Club members as they meet the children suffering from hydrocephalus and their families. And seeing the children’s smiles instantly washed away the member’s exhaustion.


Emotional yet inspiring time spent with children and their families


An impromptu stopover to give some treats to the community


A Star for KIDS Club’s Families, Friends, and Sponsors


Our Christmas tradition at Monasterio de Tarlac


As part of the our traditions, the project is not complete without a short visit to Monasterio de Tarlac. After offering their prayers and thanks, the team hung a parol (Christmas star) dedicated to all the members, sponsors, families, and friends.

A Parol for KIDS Club, its members, families, friends, and sponsors


No words can express how thankful we are to all those who helped us make this project a success. We will always be grateful to all our families and friends for their untiring support. Our special thanks to Tsokofino for the Angel chocolates.

From all the members of KIDS Club Philippines, thank you for supporting us!!!

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