Silid Aralan KIDS DREAM Hub to Open in Baguio

Following the success of Silid Aralan KIDS Toy Libraries in Rodriguez, Rizal, KIDS Club and Silid Aralan, Inc (SAI) are once again collaborating to put up the first Silid Aralan KIDS DREAM Hub in Baguio City by end of June 2016. The DREAM Hub Project will focus on providing a balanced learning space for the children to:

D – Discover their potentials and talents;

R – Relax and enjoy their life as kids;

E – Explore the possibilities through books and toys;

A – Achieve their goals; and

M – Motivate other students to nurture their passion for learning.

The project also aims to encourage the learners to enhance their creativity and critical thinking through various educational toys like building blocks, puzzles, doodle boards as well as craft and coloring materials.

On 2 May 2016, KIDS Club and SAI visited Camp 7 Elementary School in Baguio where the DREAM Hub will be opened.The team were also fortunate to meet our local partners from Camp 7 Elementary School and the University of the Cordilleras.


KIDS Club and SAI together with Camp 7 Elementary Principal and Coordinators from the University of the Cordilleras



The Team with the President and Vice-President for Administration of the University of the Cordilleras

Below is a short clip of the said visit.

Help us help the learners DREAM! To find out how, please see the poster below.

kids one toy one book2

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