SAI KIDS DREAM Hub – Dulong Bayan Now Open

Our new SAI KIDS DREAM Hub  at Barangay Dulong Bayan in San Mateo is now open to welcome new learners. Yesterday, some members of KIDS Club visited Dulong Bayan Elementary School for the final set-up and launching of the said hub. With them is the Silid Aralan Inc, (SAI) team lead by Jaiza Anuat, new SAI Project Leader for Rizal.

Preparing the DREAM Hub


Preparations to build the hub started as early as Janaury this year. Our partner, SAI, came up with a campaign drive to solicit fund for the refurbishing of the room and construction of the shelves and tables.

Refurbishing and Construction of Shelves at Dulong Bayan Elementary School


KIDS Club, on the hand, intesified our One Book One Toy Campaign to source out books, toys, and other things needed inside the hub. We are very thankful that friends from inside and outside the Philippines have generously donated their pre-loved books and toys. We also got a huge donation of books and board games from Makati City Library. Their support helped us complete our required checklist.

Books and Board Games from Makati City Library


Toys Received from Families and Friends inside and outside the Philippines


Dulongbayan DREAM Hub

Preparing Some Sweets and Goodies for the Launch


We are also thankful to SAI for helping us transport the goods and store them in their office until the launch. Our special thanks to Jaiza and Tito Raul who patiently drove twice to Makati from Montalban to pick up the toys and books.

Jaiza and Tito Raul Receiving the Goods from Pres. Evalyn and VP Shiela


The morning of August 5th was spent doing the final set-up of the DREAM Hub. Despite the hard work and less preparation time, the team enjoyed scanning and arranging every toy and book. They also had a great time decorating all the three main areas – Reading, Creativity, and Play corners.

SAI Team Members Sorting the Books for the Reading Corner


SAI and KIS Team During the DREAM Hub Set-Up


Fun Time During Toy Installations


SAI KIDS DREAM – DUlong Bayan Ready to Open


Here is a short tour of the new SAI KIDS DREAM Hub before its opening.


Shoe Shelves at the Hub Entrance


The Reading Area


The Play Area


The Creativity Area


An Overview of the SAI KIDS DREAM Hub – Dulongbayan


Opening the Doors of SAI KIDS DREAM Hub – Dulong Bayan


Short after lunch, the team immediately started preparing for the launching of the hub. Outside, 25 new learners were excited and patiently waiting to have their first experience at the hub.

Excited yet Patiently Waiting for the Opening of the DREAM Hub


The launching started with the ribbon-cutting ceremony led by the principal of Dulong Bayan Elementary School, Mr. Ruben Salvante.

Principal Ruben Salvante with SAI Project Leader Jaiza and Pres. Evalyn during the Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony


After the ribbon-cutting and introductions, KIDS Club President, Evalyn Evangelista, and Club Secretary, Mark Sanchez, explained some basic dos and don’ts while inside the hub. Then the children as well as representatives from KIDS Club, SAI, and Dulong Bayan Elementary School expressed their support and commitment to help take care of the hub.    

KIDS Club Pres. Evalyn and Sec. Mark Explaining the DREAM Hub Dos and Don’ts to the Learners


The Learners Pledging the Support and Commitment to Take Care of the DREAM Hub


Dulong Bayan Learners Hand Stamping on the Pledge of Commitment


Principal Salvante Joining the Hand Stamp


Hand Stamped Pledge of Commitment Placed at the SAI KIDS DREAM Hub


SAI and KIDS Club Turning Over the SAI KIDS DREAM Hub to Dulong Bayan Principal Ruben Salvante


SAI and KIDS Club Together with Some of the New Learners


Following the opening ceremony, the learners had some time to explore all the areas of the DREAM Hub and enjoy the toys and books. Aside from that, the team facilitated some games and prepared some snacks and other goodies.

Excited to Open the Board Games


Trying Out The Toy Train System


Fun Time with the Learners


The Learners Receiving Their Goodies and Snacks after the Games


Snack Time After Playing


About the DREAM Hub

The SAI KIDS DREAM Hub at Dulong Bayan

 Elementary School will cater to about 100 low-performing students from Grades 1 and 2. The hub aims to provide a balanced learning environment to help the students discover their passion for learning. Through the hub’s three main areas, we further hope that the learners would be able to:

D – Discover their potentials and talents;

R – Relax and enjoy their lives as kids;

E – Explore the possibilities through books and toys;

A – Achieve their goals; and

M – Motivate other students to nurture their passion for learning.

The regular learning sessions of SAI at the hub will commence on September 5th. The DREAM Hub Project is a collaboration between KIDS Club Philippines and Silid Aralan, Inc.

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