Reaching Out to the Students of Rosario, Northern Samar

A few days before Christmas last year, typhoon Melor (local name: Nona) made a landfall in Northern Samar and with estimated maximum winds of 150 km/h. It caused great devastation to several areas – deaths and injuries, as well as loss of properties and livelihood. Although immediate response and rescue operations have been executed, it was not enough especially for those hard-to-reach areas.

In our own way, we tried to help those who got affected by the said typhoon. Aside from the Christmas Gift-Giving in Sta, Maria, Laguna, we were able to support another volunteer organization that reached out to Northern Samar. They are the Rosariohanon, a group of individuals who came from Rosario, Northern Samar and are now based in Manila.

Rosario is a fifth class municipality in Northern Samar with a population of a little over than 10,000 people as of 2010 census. They  are directly facing the Philippine Sea which makes them vulnerable to hydro-metreological disasters like Typhoon Nona.

The members of Rosariohanon initiated a community outreach to help the students of Buenavista Elementary School who lost all their belongings due to the strong wind and rain as well as flood brought by Typhoon Nona. They tapped some friends and colleagues to be able to provide at least the basic school supplies for 230 elementary students. We are grateful that KIDS Club was able to help Rosariohanon help the students as they restart this year.

rosario outreach 1

Pencils and some sweets for the students of Buenavista Elementary School, Rosario, Northern Samar

On 14 February 2016, members of Rosariohanon went back their hometown to deliver the basic school supplies to the students.

rosario outreach 2

A new start for the Buenavista Elementary School students in Rosario, Northern Samar

rosario outreach 3

Excited to begin the year with their new pencils and papers.

We hope that in the near future we can do more for them.

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