Five DREAM Hubs to Open Soon

With the opening of the new school year this quarter, five new DREAM Hubs will soon welcome new learners!! The DREAM Hub Project aims to provide a holistic and balanced environment to help learners be passionate about learning. Specifically, it aims to help the Filipino children to:

D – Discover their potentials and talents;

R – Relax and enjoy their lives as kids;

E – Explore the possibilities through books and toys;

A – Achieve their goals; and

M – Motivate other students to nurture their passion for learning.


SAI KIS DREAM Hub Standard Lay-out


Reading Area


Creativity Area


Play Area


For this year, KIDS Club and Silid Aralan (SAI) aim to reach out to more low-performing students in different areas of the Philippines.  New locations are as follows:


Locations of the New SAI KIDS DREAM Hubs


  1. Nangka Elementary School (Marikina City)
  2. Dulongbayan Elementary School (San Mateo, Rizal)
  3. San Isidro Labrador Elementary School (Rodriguez, Rizal)
  4. Elpidio Quirino Elementary School (Irisan, Baguio)
  5. East City Central Elementary School (Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro)


The DREAM Hubs in Nangka, Dulongbayan, and Lapasan are in collaboration with the local governments and Department of Education (DEpEd) to help reduce the number of non-readers at the elementary level. Sam Isidro, on the other hand, is an addition to the existing hub in Rodriguez, Rizal also in collaboration with the municipal government and the DepEd. Lastly, the new hub in Baguio will replace the first DREAM Hub located at Camp 7 Elementary School. Our local partners in respective cities and municipalities have designated rooms solely for the new hubs. This would mean a permanent venue for balanced learning and would benefit more students.

Exact opening dates of the said hubs will be announced once we have finalize all the preparations for each hub.


Preparing the New DREAM Hubs


To make sure that the students will enjoy and be inspired to learn, KIDS Club and SAI put great efforts in transforming the rooms into DREAM Hubs.  At present, Silid Aralan is busy refurbishing the rooms lead by their new project leaders and coordinators.


Cleaning and Refurbishing of Room in San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal


Repainting of Walls and Shelves in Dulongbayan


On-going Repainting of Shelves in Baguio City


Designated Room for DREAM Hub – Cagayan de Oro


On-going Renovation as Cagayan de Oro


On the other hand, KIDS Club members have started cleaning, sorting, and packing pre-loved toys, storybooks, and other things.


KIDS Club Members Sorting Pre-Loved Toys


Inventory and Sorting of Books and Artl Supplies for the Reading and Creativity Areas


Sorted Toys for the Play Area


Books and Mats for the Reading Area

Volunteers and Donations 


We still need a lot of things to fill in the new hubs. We also need a lot of help in setting up and preparing the rooms before their openings. KIDS Club and SAI would appreciate it very much if you can extend your strength and resources to help build the DREAM Hubs. Please see the poster below for details on how to help.




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