Me and My Environment through Foldscope and Ikebana

Me and My Environment Poster

KIDS Club will be conducting its first leg of workshops under Me and My Environment Program on 30 April 2016 at Silid Aralan’s KIDS Toy Library in Kasiglahan Village Elementary School, Rodriguez, Rizal. Expected participants would include 40 SAI learners, and 10 KIDS Club volunteer children.

The Me and My Environment Program would be a series of workshops to create awareness and appreciation of the environment amongst children through different disciplines such as science and arts.

For the first workshop Dr. Christian Budich will introduce the microcosmos through the use of Foldscope.  Foldscope is an origami optical microscope developed by the team of Dr. Manu Prakash of Standford University, USA. Dr. Christian, a German biologist and physical chemist, is also one of the directors of KIDS Club.

After that Anna Budich, KIDS Club Founder and Chairman, will teach the children about the harmonious relation of human with nature through Ikebana. Ikebana is the Japanese disciplined art of flower arrangement. Anna is a licensed Ikebana Sensei under the Sogetsu School of Ikebana in Japan.

Call for Sponsorships

In line with the said workshops, we will be providing the learners with an art kit to encourage them to continue discovering their passion for the environment, science and the arts. Each kit would include a bag, a sketch pad, coloring materials, pencils, erasers, and snacks. The bags and sketch pads will be handmade by the parents of Silid Aralan’s senior learners as part of their business learning program. Profits they will gain will be used to help finance the school expenses of the senior learners.

We would appreciate it very much if you can help us complete the said art kits. Below are the ways on how to help:

  1. Sponsor an Art Kit – donate P300 for one art kit which will be given to one workshop participant.
  2. Financial support of any amount to help us complete the things inside the art kits.
  3. In-kind donations good for 50 children (pencils, rulers, watercolors, crayons, color pencils, markers, sharpeners, snacks, juice packs).

For  your donations and more information about the workshops, please email us at or coordinate with the following contact persons:

Anna Budich (mobile: +818049432662)

Evalyn Evangelista (mobile: +639198558147)

Shiela Yee (+639273994973)



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