Manila Exploration with Our Japanese Volunteers

As part of our Play Date Project, we had a Manila exploration with our Japanese volunteers. This is our way of sharing the Philippine culture with visitors. It is also our way of showing gratitude for sharing their resources for the project.


With not much free time available for Mika and Yoshi while they are in Manila, we were fortunate to tour them around the metropolis. We went to different museums and historical spots that introduced a good grasp of Philippine history.


Intro to Philippine History


It was the first time that Mika and Yoshi came to the Philippines to volunteer for Project Play Date. To give them a good perspective of the Philippines both from the past and the present, KIDS Club Philippines arranged a couple of trips for the couple. First, they walked around Makati’s Central Business District and visited Ayala Museum. They were amazed by the museum’s gold collection and the dioramas.


Walking Around Greenbelt


First Try of Lechon


The Galleons inside Ayala Museum


A Diorama of Manila Market Scene


KIDS Club’s Manila Exploration


Still recovering from the high energy consumed with learners, Mika and Yoshi met the team the following day for an old Manila tour. We first went to Fort Santiago to see remnants of World War 2 and the last days of Dr. Jose Rizal.


KIDS Club Exploring Old Manila with Mika and Yoshi


Learning about the Last Days of Rizal at Fort Santiago


After that we walked around the infamous walled city, Intramuros with some brief stops at Manila Cathedral, San Agustin Church, Casa Manila, and for a sumptuous Filipino lunch.


Observing Mass at Manila Cathedral


Mika and Yoshi trying Taho for the first time


Experiencing the Old Manila in Intramuros


Inside San Agustin Church


Visiting Casa Manila


Spanish-Style Courtyard at Casa Manila


Happy Travellers After the Delicious Filipino Lunch at Barbara’s


We also visited the National Museum especially its newly-opened Natural History building.


The Newly-Opened National Museum of Natural History at Luneta Park


Learning about Philippine Caves at the National Museum


The Goods of the San Diego Galleon at the National Museum


Learning about Traditional Muslim Culture and Lifestyle


Philippine Handicrafts – Past and Present


Native Mats from Various Regions


And to cap the day off, we had a retro-style dinner at a restaurant near their hotel.


Retro-Style Night Out with Mika and Yoshi


Thank you very much Mika and Yoshi!


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