KIDS DREAM Cart Project


What is the KIDS DREAM Cart Project?

The KIDS DREAM Cart is a  project of KIDS Club Philippines that aims to help promote literacy in the Philippines.  We have partnered with passionate educators in different elementary schools who are willing to commit their time and energy to help low-performing students enjoy learning through reading. This project is inspired by our SAI KIDS DREAM Hub with the objective to provide a holistic and balanced environment to encourage the children to:

  • Discover their potentials and talents;
  • Relax and enjoy their lives as kids;
  • Explore the possibilities through books and toys;
  • Achieve their goals; and
  • Motivate other students to nurture their passion for learning.


What are its features?


KIDS DREAM Cart Project

Inside our KIDS DREAM Cart

1.  A Cart-full of Fun Learning

The KIDS DREAM Cart is micro version of our SAI KIDS DREAM Hub. Inside the cart are storybooks, flashcards, puzzles, board games, and other educational tools. This is to encourage low-performing students to learn how to read and enjoy learning.


2.  Open for elementary students from all levels

In order to reach out to more children, the Cart is open for students from all grade levels to use and enjoy.


3.  Partnership with Passionate Educators and Volunteers

This project came to life because of the expressions of interest from passionate educators. Some time last year, KIDS Club met some elementary school teachers who wish to do more beyond their official duties at school. We also met a few individuals who are willing to volunteer to lend a hand guiding the children how to read and enjoy learning.


Meeting with Teacher Raymond Bustamante from Dasol Elementary School, Pangasinan. Our first KIDS DREAM Cart Recipient School

4.  Mobility and Accessibility

As the name suggests, the Cart a combination of two bookshelves on wheels. It was designed as such for easy storage and mobility. With this, the teacher and the students can bring and use it anywhere such as an open space in a classroom or even under the shades of a tree. Likewise, it would be easier to hand it to one teacher to the other without the hassle of setting up the books and toys every time.


How to Help?

Should you wish to be involved and volunteer, below are some ways on how to support the project. Please click on the link, download the form, and mail the accomplished form to Our team will coordinate with you once we received your accomplished sponsorship form.


1. Sponsor a KIDS DREAM Cart

KIDS DREAM Cart_Donor’s Form

2.  Donate Books and Educational Toys

KIDS DREAM Cart_Donor’s Form

3. Become a Volunteer

KIDS DREAM Cart_Volunteer’s Form

How to Become a Recipient School?


This is open to all elementary schools who wish to take part as recipient schools. However due to our limited resources, we can only cater to those who are based in Luzon. We hope that as the project progress, we can also reach out to various schools in Visayas and Mindanao in the near future. Please check the link below to know the requirements, process, and other needed information. Please download the forms attached to link below and email to

Apply as a Recipient School

KIDS DREAM Cart_Guidelines for Application