Foldscope Club’s August Experiment

For this month’s experiment, the SAI KIDS Foldscope Club looked into everyday commodities to see their similarities and differences. They had two sets of samples to compare with: (1) tomato vs onion and (2) salt vs sugar. SAI Project Leaders Angelo Roxas and Aries Burgonio facilitated the group activities. Mr. Johnson Donato, a Biology student and SAI Scholar, was also there to lend a hand. Anna and Christian Budich from KIDS Club joined the session via videocall.

Experiment No. 1: Onion vs Tomato


Skins of Onion and Tomato Using Foldscope

For the first experiment, the learners first had some fun activities like Spot the Differences using photos. This helped the children to get a clear idea of what they should do with the two samples that they have created during previous sessions. After the game, they looked again at the onion and tomato skin samples using the foldscopes. While doing so, Mr. Donato asked the learners about their observations. All of them noticed that the tomato and onion samples differ in shape and color. He then explained that although the onion and tomato samples are both plant cells, they have a different way storing energy. After that, they were asked to draw the images they saw from the lens of the foldscopes.


Foldscope Philippines 6

Learners Playing Spot the DIfference


Foldscope Philippines 4

Learners During Their Experiment Time


Foldscope Philippines 3

Johnson Donato Explaining the Difference of the Tomato and Onion Skins


Foldscope Philippines 1

Learners Drawing the Images of the Tomato and Onion Skin Samples


Onion and Tomato

Comparing Onion and Tomato Skins: Images Seen From the Foldscope


Experiment No. 2: Salt vs Sugar


Salt and Sugar Under the Foldscope Lens


For the second experiment, the learners compared everyday crystals: sugar and salt. First, they had another fun activity to test whether they can tell which is sugar and which is salt. The learners closed their eyes and then touched each sample from the bowl.


Foldscope Philippines 14

Guessing by Touching: Salt or Sugar?


After the game, they put some salt and sugar on the sample plates for observation. The learners were amazed by their images from the foldscope lens. They also draw the images side by side to show their similarities and differences.

Salt and Sugar

Observations of the Salt and Sugar Samples Drawn by Learners


Overall, the learners gave clear observations for both experiments. They also now have a different appreciation of the things they normally see everyday.


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