2017 KIDS Club Activity Report: Braving New Challenges

We are happy to share with you our 2017 KIDS Club Activity Report. This report is a summary of the projects and activities that we have executed during the year. Included also are our projects and activities for 2018.


 2017 KIDS Club Activity Report

Our special thanks to our partners and volunteers who continuously support us in our endeavors. We hope that you will continue extending your assistance as we continue our SAI KIDS DREAM Hub Project with Silid Aralan, Inc and our Early KIDS Christmas Outreach in Tarlac City with Coun. Topey Delos Reyes. 2017 has brought many highs for the club and the members. It gave us opportunities to reach out to more children and meet new friends and partners. Likewise, it opened doors for new collaborations and aspirations. To read and/or download the the full report, click this link:  KIDS Club 2017 Activity Report


2017 KIDS Club Activity Report


2018: Braving New Challenges

Aside from the projects above, we will also venture into a new project. This year we are launching our KIDS DREAM Cart. This is a micro version of our DREAM Hub, where we got the inspiration. The project aims to help promote literacy in the Philippines. Likewise, we aim to establish partnerships with passionate educators in different elementary schools who are willing to commit their time and energy to help low-performing students enjoy learning through reading. Inside the cart are storybooks, flashcards, puzzles, board games, and other educational tools.  To know more about the project, please click here.

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